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Backgammon 16 Games


You can play Backgammon ( Табла, Tabla, Tawla 31, Tavla, Короткие нарды, Gamão, Fevga ), Tapa ( Plakoto ), Narde, Nackgammon and Gulbara.● Smaller size < 10MB● Daily Challenge● Backgammon BOARD DESIGNER● TRNG is embedded ( fair Backgammon dice roll )● Google Play Game Services - Play online in real-time, chat, invite friends, auto-match with random playersFeatures:- Play Backgammon ( Tabla, Tawla, Tavla, Короткие нарды, Gamão ) game- Play Tapa ( Plakoto , Тапа ) game- Play Gulbara ( Гюлбара ) game - Play Narde ( Длинные нарды ) game - Play Nackgammon game- Play Backgammon to lose game- Play Race Gammon game- Play American Acey-Deucey- Play Fevga game- Play Tawla 31 game- Fast start-up Widget- Moultezim game- Gioul game- Play The pin game- Play Plakoto express- Play Plakoto/Tapa 2 game
- LAN (WiFi) multiplayer- Online multiplayer- Local 2-player (hot-seat) mode- Multiplayer Bluetooth mode !!!
- Advanced Backgammon AI- Undo function- Automatic move- Rush mode (4,5,6,7) sec- Doubling cube- Six themes (art,black,beach,electric,droid, treasure)- Support all resolutions
For those who think the dice roll is not random.
First of all please remember.There is not such a real random events in any software(based on random software algorithms). Except these which are using some additional hardware for that.
So the question is are we manipualting these pseudo random algorithms.
We assure you that we don't. People seem to remember better negative events than positive events of equal magnitude. This is called negativity bias (check wikipedia). There is nothing to gain by making the dice roll in our favor.
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